Advanced routing

Routing can become more complex the more your application grows, so grouping routes and handlers is an essential part of any web framework.

We also support middlewares with the requirement of them being asynchronous.


Creating a group is similar to creating a route, only the route group get's returned.

let apiV1group = webserver.grouped("api", "v1")

// GET `/api/v1/users`
apiV1Group.get("users") { request in

You can chain groups indefinitely.

let api = webserver.grouped("api")

// `/api/v1/...`
let v1 = api.grouped("v1")

// `/api/v2/...`
let v2 = api.grouped("v2")

// `/api/v3/...`
let v3 = api.grouped("v3")

To improve the syntax, we also implement the group function with a trailing closure."api") { api in"v1") { v1 in
    v1.get("users") { request in