Numeric data is extremely common in databases, and comes in two main types: Floating Point, and Integers.

Integers are whole numbers, meaning they do not record fractions smaller than 1. Floating Point numbers do record fractions, but with limited precision.


MongoKitten recognises simple mathematical expressions, and resolves them. If you were to enter the expression 3.5 * 3, the result of this calculation is stored in the field. If your number is an integer, the result will be rounded.

Numeric Identifiers

While MongoDB does support numbers as an identifier, it's strongly recommended to use ObjectId or UUID instead. MongoKitten does not serve numerical identifiers as first class citizens. Should you find the support lacking, feel free to provide feedback using the button at the startup screen.


While we do support the processing of Decimal128 fields, we haven't implemented UI support yet. If you have a usecase where you need Decimal128 support, feel free to contact us via the feedback button. Due to a lack of need from the community, we're not implementing Decimal128 until we find a user in need. We strive to provide a sensible and practical implementation, and cannot provide that for Decimal128 without a specific usecase.

You can expect to see an unknown field type where your database stores a Decimal128 type.