Strings in MongoKitten can be divided in subtypes. Without a Subtype, a String is just an array of textual (UTF-8) characters.

MongoKitten supports a variety of Subtypes, and is always looking to expand the support for specific information. The following Subtypes are currently supported:

  • None (UTF-8)
  • Markdown
  • Hex Color
  • UUID
  • BCrypt Hash

Choosing a Subtype

MongoKitten determines the subtype by looking at the contents and name of a field. BCrypt, UUID and Hex Colors look purely into the content of a field. If the format matches the expectation, the subtype is assumed.

The main exception is markdown, whose field name is used as an indicator. So far, the field name is required to contain or be equal to 'markdown'. If your field is named differently, you can still use the built-in markdown editor by (temporarily) changing the assumed subtype.

Changing SubTypes

Right-click on the type indicator, which looks like a colored circle, to the left of the field.

In the menu, browse to String and select the desired Subtype.

Markdown Support

When editing a markdown field, a 'Document' button appears to the right of the text field. Click this to open the markdown editor. Most markdown styles are rendering their appearance inline.


When editing colors, a system native color picker is presented to change the color. The result will be stored in hexadecimal RGB format.


UUIDs support the same features as ObjectIds do, which is covered in the documentation about Identifiers

BCrypt Hashes

Please consult the Password Hashing documentation for more information on BCrypt Hashes.